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Prism Irish Red Ale pays homage to a traditional Irish beer style and brings it up to date. Craft brewed with Irish malt for caramel & toffee notes, Prism is lightly hopped for a soft fruit taste; the roasted barley offers a luscious red colour. The finish is clean.

Prism is a versatile craft beer for food matching. When considering food flavours to match, steer towards roasted or grilled meats.  The roasted malt flavours of this craft beer compliment smokey and gamey flavours well. For a treat match with roast pheasant.

It's all in the name for craft beers

Irish red ale originated in Ireland and is a variation of typical English pale ale. The 3 differing elements in the brew – roasted barley for colour, reduced hopping & a malt forward approach define this beer style.

A Prism is a 3 dimensional object that refracts light. A prism changes how we see things, alters our outlook, makes us look beyond the obvious.

Prism Irish Red Ale makes us take a second look, challenges our perspective and gives a new dimension in Irish Red Ale. Enjoy.


Fulcrum Wheat Beer is a refreshing local twist on a traditional European beer style. Craft brewed with Bavarian hops to retain the subtle flavours of traditional wheat beer – a light creamy citrus nose, a delicate taste of light clove & banana with a hint of caramel – that finishes with clean crisp refreshment.

Fulcrum matches lighter foods perfectly. Try Fulcrum with chicken, fish or salad. It’s subtle flavour will compliment, it’s citrus finish will cleanse the palate.

It's all in the name for craft beers

The inclusion of wheat in brewing beer is a welcome addition. The traditional flavour of fruit & spice is complimented by a silky texture and a more substantial mouth feel.

Some discerning consumers, however do not like the lingering aftertaste that some traditional wheat beers have. Our solution is to craft brew a wheat beer that retains all the flavour of the style but has a clean crisp finish.

A Fulcrum acts as a pivot, the point at which a bar balances.

Fulcrum beer is brewed to balance the great taste of wheat beer with a clean crisp finish.


Rowlock IPA is a premium crafted American style IPA. Brewed with additional wheat, 3 distinct American and 1 European hop varieties Rowlock brings together a smooth silky mouth-feel, interesting hop flavours that develop with each taste.

Rowlock matches heartier foods best. Try Rowlock with roast beef or steak. The beef or steak works well with the sweetness of the malt and the bitterness of the hops. The citrus hoppy finish will have you coming back for more.

It's all in the name for craft beers

Back in the day when India was a British colony English brewers struggled with protecting their pale ale beer from the long journey from London to Mumbai. One clever brewer decided to try adding hops ( a natural preservative) in order to keep the beer on its long journey. It worked, not only was the beer in good condition on arrival, the addition of the hops added flavour.

The India Pale Ale style of beer was created.

We wanted a nautical theme for our India Pale ale that acknowledged the great flavour that the right mix of hops can give a good beer.

A Rowlock is a U-shaped device or hole on each side of a rowing boat in which the oars are held.


Tidefall is a local interpretation of a classic European style lager beer. Brewed with traditional European hops for a great golden colour, subtle malt sweetness & crisp clean finish.

Tidefall lager is the perfect balance of flavour and refreshment.

It's all in the name for craft beers

We believe that craft lager is all about great subtle flavour and crisp refreshment. Many lager drinkers look for that light cleansing effect after the first sip, the pleasant effect of soft carbonation, and the refreshing balance of malt and hops.

Premium lager beer reminds us of sea spray, that first splash in the ocean, the nip in the air on a frosty morning.

Tidefall is a waterfall that flows directly into the ocean or sea. Ultimate refreshment.